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We’re making a puppet really short video. I’m going to upload it to YouTube. Username is rainbowbubblegum8 or Elizabeth Wooten.


via PicsArt Photo Studio

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   Sorry guys, but here are a couple photos I took over the last couple days.. Comfort Zone This is my brother Jacob, like in Paper Monster, and I have him in a cute little bow with no shirt. The bow is just scrap cloth I tied up. Fake Smiler Real smiles don’t exist, only […]

He protected her from fear, She protected him from sorrow. He wiped away all the tears, She kept him waiting til tomorrow. ( ^link to it on Twitter^

Home to me

Have Pandora radio on listening to Black Veil Brides radio.
Slightly pressing my finger on the back of headphone jack so both earbuds work correctly.
Music all the way up so I can ignore the world outside of my mini blanket tent.
Music all the way up so the sorrowful sounds are drowned out.
Lip synching the words of my favorite songs, knowing the meaning of the message behind.
Nothing is to get past this harmony.

Crossed eyes!!! I’m testing out my new gif maker, it doesn’t want to show the gifs.. so I just put the video.


I was taking photos with my little brother, Jacob, today and really liked this one. He does a great job modeling my photos. Adorable. Enjoy! 🙂

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